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I bought 2 copies of Windows 10 Home OEM from for $85 each on sale. This is consistent with genuine OEM pricing around $100. They emailed me two copy/pasted keys. Both failed to activate Windows so I called Microsoft. They checked the keys and said both were pirated! This is not a genuine Microsoft product!

I contacted and was transferred to a supervisor. They refused to replace the keys with verifiably genuine Microsoft products and refused a refund. They did offer to email me more pirated keys(they called them digital but could offer no evidence they were anything other than what Microsoft said). They refused to acknowledge that Microsoft confirmed’s keys were pirated, constantly trying to say things like, “I’m sorry you weren’t able to get your keys to work” or, “I can assure you that all of our keys are genuine, but they don’t always work.” Fact check; Microsoft has already confirmed these were pirated keys. As for them not always working? 49% of Newegg’s reviews for this item are 1 Star...nearly all of them saying the same thing...the keys don’t work and Microsoft says they are no good. Wish I’d noticed that before I bought...which is why I am here, actually. Don’t make the same mistake as me. I’ll be disputing the credit card charges and I’m optimistic since Microsoft has my back, but what a hassle!

By the way, I just bought a ton of hardware from Newegg that works fine. If it didn’t, I’d be in trouble because they are notorious for not RMAing bad components, but everything I bought was stuff I’d be comfortable taking straight to the manufacturers. 7 dead pixel minimum to return a monitor!? Sometimes the deals aren’t worth dealing with a company like this. Definitely not the place to buy software or easily counterfeit goods.

TLDR; Don’t buy software from They sold me pirated windows keys that don’t work and refuse to replace them with genuine products or issue a refund.

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A few years back I was a store manager for a denim brand in a big mall. One day somebody drove into a power pole or something, and one half of the malls power went out. Luckily for my team and I, we were on the now dark side. Power outages are generally loved in retail because you have to have all customers leave to store due to safety. Then if you're lucky, it's too dark to accomplish any work.

So you sit. And wait. And get paid.

At least until an impatient customer comes along and expects the circumstances and their rules to be different for them.

"It'll just be us," says the 40 something father next to his clearly embarrassed 15ish year old son. "We'll be really quick, we only want to try on a couple pairs."

Bottom line and easiest excuses include, "it's against policy," and/or "I can't put your safety at risk." I was feeling frisky and went with, "Sir, even if you could see what you were doing in here, I don't have the ability to ring up your purchase. So unfortunately no." He was annoyed, but they walked away.

I had been looking into getting a new phone at the time, and like every mall, there was a cell phone kiosk right outside my store. It was day time so the skylights allowed me to still see my options. While talking with the cell phone guys I get a text from a coworker inside the store. It just said "turn around."

Standing at my store again is the man and his "I don't want to be here" son. And the way the man looked at me can only be described as the best resting bitch face a man in cargo shorts can accomplish.

After a few more minutes I head back to my store where the man says to me, "so you get to shop but I don't?"

Retail employees rarely get their way, so I decided to truly enjoy this moment. With the biggest, happiest of customer service smiles I responded, "Sir, you are absolutely right. Enjoy your day."

He later returned to inform me that he'd bought our products at Macy's and gotten them 30% off. Oh and that I should be ashamed of myself. To which I replied once again with the biggest of smiles, "Macy's carries our outlet line, which are 40% off online currently. I hope you enjoy our products!"

Sometimes the customer isn't right, and it feels so good.

Thank you for reading my stoned recollections.

*edit: I've been well informed this is the wrong place for this. I'll promise to do better if you'll promise not to continue the reminder. Pinky swear.


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Let me just start off with "it's not about the money". This is just the final straw, at least from my perspective.

I'm my family's first born, but I'm a girl. My brother is a boy, and we both hail from a patriarchal (european, christian) family, where it's expected that women should both study, find a job, marry, have kids, but also not be stingy over their share of inheritance, that usually goes to their brothers.

Which is ok, I have my own life, I'm a grown up person and I don't rely financially on my family, nor do I need anything from them. It still kinda hurts.

It began when I was 7 or 8, when I had to do choirs that my brother was excused from because he was a boy. His driving lessons were paid for, mine weren't. When my father planned on getting remarried (he divorced my mother), he told me he can't have two women living under the same roof and that I should move out, so his wife could move in. So I did move out. Now, I'm in my 20s, I don't live with them anymore, but when I come over, my grandpa and grandma ask me to iron my brother's shirts, vacuum the place, wash the dishes. When I ask them why can't my brother do it (he lives with them), they say: "He's a man". As if having a penis makes you physically incapable of ironing your own damn clothes. I sometimes do some of this stuff, but only because my grandma is old and I can't watch her being acting as a house slave for every male in my family.

From their perspective, I'm probably selfish and I understand that. They paid for my education, cared for me when I was sick, tried to minimize the traumas I had in my life from things irrelevant to this story, and they loved me in their own way, They do love me and they do care for me. Things aren't that black and white. I love my brother, we're close and we'd die for each other, if we had to. I love the rest of my family as well (some more than others).

This isn't a big thing since I don't rely financially on them and I don't live with them, but these little things carve themselves into the picture you have of your family.


On mobile, my apologies. This happened 2 years ago. I used to work at a car dealership as a tech while I was attending community college locally before moving on to where I am now. I’ve always been into cars and they needed people who at least had somewhat of an idea of what they were doing so it worked out nicely.

One day a car comes in, customer complains of a slight vibration while driving. I narrow it down to a worn out bushing in the rear suspension. It just happened to be a pain in the ass to get to and something I hadn’t replaced before on that specific model. Also to note: it was a pressed in, steel sleeve/rubber bushing. With the time the job paid, in order to not lose time by tearing everything apart, I was trying to conjure up a few ways to press the bushing out in the car, but due to limited space, I only got it about 1/4 of the way out. Preparing to take the loss on time I was going to take it all apart but my manager said “no no no just heat it up more and take an air hammer and it’ll pop right out.” To which I said “no way, not in the car like this. It’ll go shooting out and fly to who knows where.”

He says “just give me your air hammer. I’ll do it and you’ll see.”

Gladly. Have at it.

Takes the air hammer, bushing starts to move a little, goes shooting out. And in the perfect chain of events, shoots downward, hits the tire from the car that was leaning against my lift post, and ricochets right into the door of another car in the bay next to me. Whose owner just happened to be standing right outside the shop door, as he had been talking to my manager. Left a nice ol’ golf ball size dent smack dab in the middle of the door and took some paint off with it.

I took my air hammer back, gave the “told ya” look. And he babbled off a few words about “of course we will take care of fixing that, accidents happen etc....”

Worked out for me, bushing was out, and I didn’t damage anything. He also never questioned my decisions again.


It can be something small to something major, I really love reading peoples answers on one off question posts.

My own personal mystery is as a child, a slightly older girl and her father moved in beside us. She and I became friends instantly and taught me how to snow board, I had never been inside of her place but she had been inside of mine.
One day, she was just gone, I knocked on the door, no answer, her fathers car wasn't there and her snowboard wasn't in the back yard like usual. I waited until the next day and knocked on their door again, still no answer, I looked in to the living room window and there was nothing in there. It was just empty. I still wonder what happened, where they went and I feel bad cause I no longer remember her name.

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I just confronted my relative who molested me as a child, and subsequently made every Thanksgiving a sickeningly uncomfortable day. I told him to never speak to me again as I would never forgive him for taking advantage of me and distorting my sense of reality. I said if he tries to speak to me this Thursday, I will make a scene with our entire family around and he will regret it. I'm feeling finally free and empowered, and a bit nauseous from it all.

If you have to see abusers at holiday gatherings, I feel your pain, anxiety, and shame and I am so sorry. If they get too close to you, follow you around, or corner you, you DO NOT have to sit there and take it. I spent too long telling myself to grin and bear it, but we are worth so much more than that. There is no obligation to put ourselves back in horrific situations and you are justified in making yourself feel safe and valued.

:Edit: Wow. Thank you. I posted this on a whim last night, hoping that maybe it could encourage at least one person to stand up for themselves, and know they are not alone even on the loneliest days. So glad there's a supportive community of humans here, and that when we speak up we empower more than just ourselves


The Washington Post is reporting that Ivanka Trump used her personal email to send/receive hundreds of emails that were official government business. The President heavily criticized Hillary Clinton in 2016 in regards to her use of a private email system. Should the President take any action against his daughter if it turns out she was improperly using private email to conduct official government business?


Talk to your grandparents about zerowaste. They used to reuse everything. Mostly out of necessity and the ideas are genius.

My great grandmother used all old wool clothing as filler for her quilts. The quilts are crazy warm and allow you to turn down the heat at night.

They made mats out of old breadbags/grocery bags. They would use them in the bathroom and in the kitchen because water would just run right off and you can just spray them down to clean.

They cut the buttons off of a old garmets to reuse for future projects. Turned the old garments into rags, or even rag rugs.

Its so cool how many great ideas our grandparents might have because they came from a much less wasteful world. Id like to hear anyone else's ideas.


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